Did something change? Thumbnails are blank (black)

Something in the last couple weeks or so - thumbnails on all embedded videos are just black with the white triangle. They still play, but it doesn’t look as nice embedded in my products obviously. Is this as intended?

Try another browser, maybe the data stored in the browser Also, make sure your browser extensions are not turned on (if not, you should talk to technical support on Cloudflare)

Also try uploading a new video and see if an image will appear or not

This happens with every video and just started in the last couple weeks. Happens on any browser and even viewing on mobile devices. The movies play fine - it’s just the black screen before hitting play that has changed.

Have you opened a support ticket about this? If so, please post theticket number here.

I have not, I didn’t know if it was a feature that was supposed to be like that.

I should also mention - any video that was previously uploaded and embedded on my store or membership site - has a thumbnail - HOWEVER if I go to the same video in my Stream and embed it again, it will have the black thumbnail.
I have videos embedded in two places, Shopify and my Wordpress Membership site. Both behave the same way with the black thumbnail.

Ok - I have managed to get a thumbnail to appear by selecting “URL” as the option for Poster. “Timestamp” will get me a black screen, no matter what time is selected. “Timestamp” is the default option which is why I have seen the black screen. I’m not sure if this is something that has changed on your end or not, but for now I will change it to URL just to get something to appear as a thumbnail.

I’ve escalated this for Support to check, they may ask you to open a ticket.

Also if it helps (i’ve updated my thread with a fix) - embeds worked one July 8 when I updated my store that day, the next time I updated wasa July 10 and that is when it started. I can get a thumbnail to appear if I click URL for Poster, and not Timestamp. Prior to July 10 I never had to change anything, a thumbnail would be automatically generated without having to change this.

I just started using stream and faced the same issue.

Had to prepare a poster.jpg and use it as indicated by @dmcguckin

Is there anyone at Cloudflare looking the community?
Do we really need to open a ticket?

Thank you!

We are actively investigating this issue and update this thread as we learn more.

This is fixed. Let us know if you still see issues.

All set - thanks

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