Did I fail to include "www" when I registered my site?

I have a website, “www . lsatexpress . com,” and I just discovered recently that when someone simply searches “lsatexpress . com” without including the “www,” the site fails to pop up. I’m wondering if I somehow made mistake when I placed the website here on Cloudflare. Any thoughts on what I can do?

The configuration is correct, www.lsatexpress.com wouldn’t have worked when adding the zone regardless.

It might require some configurations on the DNS and/or the origin to configure the appropriate records.

Ah, thanks! any idea what configurations may be required?

For sure a DNS record pointing to the server, or a CNAME to to the root, and, possibly, a redirect to the root.

Then I don’t know, you need to talk to the actual host.

Gotcha. Thx!

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