Did google stop using automatic signed exchanges in search?

Hi all.

About 2 Months ago i setup automatic signed exchanges and could successfuly test that everything worked like it should.

Since at least now December if not even some weeks earlier
this preloading disapeared in google search.

I can not find a query anymore that preload the webpage.
Even if i do a exact domain search for a fully working signed exchange webpage
and all the organic serp results are just about this domain
the automatic signed exchange webpage preloading is not availible in google search anymore
for any query i look.

Does the suggested test approaches using desktop browser and google chrome webmaster tools
not work anymore and becouse of this the preloading is not showed to work anymore ?

Tested also the other suggested approach using webpagetest.org and the android emulator
but there too the preloading is not availble.

Has anyone automatic signed exchanges still working ?
On my side somehow it total disapeared.

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I just checked out also google own automatic signed exchange documentation
and their test approach to verify the preloading of a webpage in the serps is not working anymore too …

So its not just my webpage not preloading anymore but their own
automatic signed exchange documentation test page is not working
anymore too using the suggested test approach …

I gues when google own automatic signed exchange test pages are not preloading anymore in the serps then everyone else webpages also do not preload anymore too …

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@seoworks Like you I’m also puzzled by it and was looking for someone else who might have noticed it.
I looked for the ‘data-sxg’ attribute in the search results, I looked at the devtools, I accessed the Google search results from various locations, and I ran it by WebPageTest.
None of those methods have shown any hint of a pre-render of the (confirmed valid and cached) SXG sites.

What’s going on? Did you see any discussion about this in other palces/threads?

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Hi Omerr132

I searched the Internet, looked in google help forums, checked out the automatic signed exchange google forum where the maintainers write but did not find anything related to the disapearance of the
automatic signed exchange from the google serps.

Its strange that i am the first to write about it on the internet after more than 1 Month passed.

I guess too many people enabled the automatic signed exchange feature on Cloudflare which in turn
forced google to host a huge number of static pages on their own servers costing them
a lot of money in web space and web traffic.

The webpkgcache.com exchange domain where all the signed webpages are hosted belongs to google itself.

Domain Name: webpkgcache.com
Updated Date: 2022-09-06T09:25:44+0000
Creation Date: 2019-10-08T18:51:48+0000
Registrant Organization: Google LLC
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Country: US

I could imagine that after the google stock price declined and they lost billions of usd
that they turned it off to avoid spend money on hosting of billion of static pages and spending a huge amount of money on broadband traffic to deliver them by prelaoding it form the google servers around the world.

For the moment this feature looks like dead as nobody anymore use it.
I checked Bing and they dont use it.
Firefox also has no support in the browser for preloading the webpages from the exchanges.

If Cloudflare dont reach out to google and offers them to host the webpages on their own servers and deliver them using their own broadband traffic while google just keeps track where this webpages are located to be preloaded i guess this feature will not anymore be availbe again.

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