Did Cloudflare Warp+/Teams for Linux get shelved?

In April 2020 it was on it’s way very soon with 30% of CF own developers using Linux for their workstations. In Q3 it was coming likely in Q4. Havent heard anything for a while? Is it likely to land in Q1 2021?

I would also like to know. We are testing roll out on the free service and need to see a linux client easily configured.

:checks date: — I can definitively say the public beta will (did) not land in Q1. Limited beta coming soon :tm: and a broader beta to follow based on feedback from the initial testers.

Couple of packaging questions, which to me feel like rearranging furniture for your MIL… no matter what we choose someone is going to say we should have packaged it like X. Those aren’t blockers to releasing the beta but make it entirely likely the ‘upgrade path’ for early testers will be a complete remove and install at least once.

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Just copy mullvad Id suggest. On the linux client side, they have the packaging, community outreach, transparency that beats all other VPN players that packaged a client for Linux distros and power users. Their changelog is highly suggested reading - e…g the issues they come up against on systemd-resolved on different distros etc… Its all open and in rust iirc, so worth checking out

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Just another thought here, whilst we wait the warp linux client, can I use cloudflared in the meantime. e.g. is it possible to somehow see the networks on the other side using cloudflared as a client (or even a participant sharing its own subnets), if I bring two networks to CF with cloudflared can they see each other?

Somewhat related (as I guess this will use same codebase as warp client) blog post mentions east-west connections Start building your own private network on Cloudflare today is there an ETA for this arriving? We’re looking at tailscale but if I can get some realistic idea of when the picture comes together on Cloudflare I think I can push it. It seems a lot is 95% (access+warp+east/west)

Hey folks, this is just a share of info addressed to the Cloudflare team in charge of that feature. Building a GUI compatible across Linux desktop environments can be tricky, even though doable.

To speed things up, I would like to propose to develop a command line warp client for Linux, exactly the same way as HotspotShield, a VPN company, did to offer Linux support, see https://www.hotspotshield.com/vpn/vpn-for-linux/.

The reason that this is convenient is that most Linux users are well seasoned on the command-line so offering a GUI interface is really not necessary, in fact, I would even argue that having a command-line client would even be preferred for Linux.

That also means that if the dev team has coded everything in Go or RUST, and I suppose they did, it’s just now a matter of specifying the compilation target as Linux and then packing everything in .deb and .rpm.

So please add command-line support ASAP folks! And readers, please do tag CF team members if you know them!

According to a public Github PR to Cloudflare’s documentation repo, the WARP client for linux has arrived.


Oh well, we made the jump to Tailscale, CF warp/teams for Linux was delayed for several months and it looked like it was going to be a Google Drive (promise of linux client for several years and no delivery)…

All these companies - Mullvad, Tailscale, etc… all face similar issues, with packaging and dns (e.g. The Sisyphean Task Of DNS Client Config on Linux · Tailscale) so hope going forward they can all learn from each other (mullvad and tailscale are both opensource - rust and go respectively)

@arunesh90 can confirm it has arrived, it is a cli which is fine, a bit odd naming warp-svc.service - the svc is redundant. settings are stored in /var/lib instead of etc/ weird

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