Did Cloudflare Warp+/Teams for Linux get shelved?

In April 2020 it was on it’s way very soon with 30% of CF own developers using Linux for their workstations. In Q3 it was coming likely in Q4. Havent heard anything for a while? Is it likely to land in Q1 2021?

I would also like to know. We are testing roll out on the free service and need to see a linux client easily configured.

:checks date: — I can definitively say the public beta will (did) not land in Q1. Limited beta coming soon :tm: and a broader beta to follow based on feedback from the initial testers.

Couple of packaging questions, which to me feel like rearranging furniture for your MIL… no matter what we choose someone is going to say we should have packaged it like X. Those aren’t blockers to releasing the beta but make it entirely likely the ‘upgrade path’ for early testers will be a complete remove and install at least once.