Did Cloudflare SERIOUSLY just delete all of my videos?

Or just remove my access? Wow. I will certainly not be blackmailed into paying more than the common market price.

There was no warning of any sort. Naturally, I would have never tried the stream service had they been transparent about implementing an unattractive price model.

Will they act like that with other services too?

what happened?

Cloudflare Stream was a free beta product until a few days ago when it was made generally available. If you have any questions about your videos, contact support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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Update: Cloudflare just sent an email out about Stream beta

Stream beta customers will continue to have free access to all current Stream features until September 6.

You can file a support ticket if you currently don’t see your videos under the streams tab.

The stream videos are still listed in your account and uploading the files does not delete the originals from where you stored them.