Did CF sanction the .su domain name?

Dear CF Manager, I can’t add a subdomain name on “Custom Hostname”, and my subdomain name is a .su domain, Did CF sanction the .su domain name? When I add another domain, I can add it normally.


Thank you for asking.

Maybe, may I ask if your domain / hostname was already used or added on some other Cloudflare integrator (eZoic …) / SaaS provider (Shopify …) and stuck on the SSL setup? :thinking:

However, maybe it was some kind of a CNAME setup.

I doubt Cloudflare sanctioned your domain name.

Below article describes more in detail about this issue, if that’s your case too:

Kindly, may I ask you if you could use the tool called “Liberate the Hostname” from the article below and repeat the process using below tool for both www.domain.com and naked domain.com just in case:

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thx so much for your reply, I have tried to use “Liberate the Hostname”, its already “Liberated”, but when I add a subdomain to SaaS, it still doesn’t work. Finally, I have used API “POST https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/zones/[id]/custom_hostnames” successful add a subdomain to my account. Although I succeeded, I don’t understand why the WEB UI didn’t work, but the API did it.

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