Did CF have any solution to encrypt domain?

Hello, i’m new to CF. I want to ask that is there any solution to encrypt domain to hide it from ISP. This is the scenario:
I have a web server located at US. To hide its IP, i’ve used CF proxy. To hide data, i’ve used SSL/TLS. But the problem is DNS, the “client hello” packet always show plain text domain name which can easily read by ISP. I’ve read about DoT or DoH but it’s only for client, not for web server.
Now, i want to hide domain name when traffic go from cloudflare proxy to webserver, is there any way to achieve that?

Encrypted Client Hello (but is currently disabled for now), see…

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that’s too bad :frowning: but thank you anyway. Do you know any opensources or solution or something that can help us to encrypt client hello? I want to research more about this thing.

Hello, without disabling the Cloudflare proxying (Which seems to be mandatory for you) you can’t support it since both the server (With proxying enabled, Cloudflare) and the client has to support it. Also just to note, DoH / DoH doesn’t solve this either since that doesn’t encrypt the TLS handshake. You have to wait until Cloudflare reactive the option again.

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