Did anyone get @sendgrid/email to work on workers?

SendGrid seems to be using require('fs') and require('path'). Were I to remove these would it start working? Would I also have to do something like fetch: fetch.bind(globalThis)?

Did anyone manage to get SendGrid to work?

There are methods to fake the requirements, however I see no point of doing it. Sendgrid has a very nice API, that you can use. I got it working in about the same time I would have gotten @sendgrid/email to work with all their requirements, if not less. Unless you are doing something complicated, just use curl. It is also easier on Workers.

Yeah probably the best way. I got it working, although I must say the way they have hidden the template dynamic_template_data property from the API cheat sheet was pretty frustrating.

would you mind sharing some boilerplate or an example of that? i can’t work out how to get the api working without the @sendgrid/mail helper!