Did anyone else get a weird message today from their hosting provider re Cloudflare?


I got this message, which seems weird to me, about my “cloudflare setup” being particularly open to hacking…

Hello Karen,

We have received the following email concerning the usage of your SSL certificate on multiple websites. Please read the message below and take action to prevent the abuse.

This message relates to the security of your website at off-grid-insights.com.

You are receiving this email because, your website’s origin IP address: {ip redacted] is exposed and vulnerable due to a security vulnerability in your current CloudFlare setup.
(it’s longer, but the longer part has more links in it)

This means that hackers can attack it directly by bypassing your Content Delivery Network’s firewalls and Denial of Service mitigation systems.
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I’m unclear. Does this sound like some kind of scam to you? That’s how it sounded to me.


Thank you, cscharff :heart::heart::heart:


Hi @karenmkline, do you see a similar error message in the DNS tab of your cloudflare dashboard?


Yes, actually. How do I fix that, I wonder…

“An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.”


Oh, actually if I click on the encircled i then it tells me what to do.
Super Easy to fix.
Thank you, cloonan, for cluing me in. :heart::heart::heart:

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