Did a little test with zaraz and GA4 + Universal Analytics vs. clientside and

…based on this test I will not be using Zaraz anytime soon.

This is a pity because all the numbers in terms of speed, performance, and security look like an upgrade.

The reason why I will wait with Zaraz, for now, lies in the discrepancy of location. Upon testing from Bali, Indonesia, Google Analytics ‘saw’ me in Jakarta about 1200km / 750 miles away from actual point of registration.

I wrote up the comparison and added screenshots and everything here:
{can’t include links right now}

I would love to hear your feedback and to know if I did something wrong, or if there is a way to get better location accuracy?

Thanks a lot

Zaraz doesn’t do anything that’s related to location. Location is also based on IP address. It looks like you’ve hit a bug with Google Analytics location guessing.

Hi Yoav, and thank you for getting back to me.
I will test it again, but I believe I will get the same results.
The only difference in my test is the use of clientside tracking or zaraz,
Google analytics is completely the same.

I’m curious what you see when looking at the real-time stats in google analytics using zaraz

It works just fine here.