Diagnosing slow / unresponsive site


I have a personal Wordpress website (www.christurnbullwx.com), which has been running for months without any issues. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed that it is taking several minutes to load pages on my site, or becomes unresponsive altogether. Every so often, I can load a page almost instantaneously, but it goes back to being incredibly again when moving to another page. The domain is with Cloudflare with my website hosted on x10hosting.com. I have not changed any settings on either end recently and I can access both of accounts without issues. Running the Cloudflare diagnostic tool, the only issue that came back (besides not having a mx record) is a failed request for checking site speed. The description that came back is, “Your request failed because the web server did not respond.” I can load the home page of my site, but it takes several minutes to load other pages, including the Wordpress dashboard. How can I figure out what is causing painfully slow speeds on my site?

With no changes on my end, my site appears to be running much faster this morning. Still a bit sluggish, and now I get this error message when I run the diagnostics tool.

The site, seemingly, loaded more-or-less fine for me in Edge. However, WebPageTest showed a TTFB of roughly 5 seconds though.

I see by the headers, you’re using Railgun. When I was looking at the headers, I had to force a connection by rapidly refreshing it to get a WAN connection established for Railgun. While Railgun can help, perhaps not as much as you’d like if there isn’t enough traffic on your site to maintain an active connection. Otherwise, the majority of those requests would probably be direct to the origin anyhow. Have a look at Railgun FAQ – Cloudflare Help Center. Specifically, at starting new WAN connection.

Have you contacted your Web host (x10Hosting) about the performance issues with your server?

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