Diagnosing one-time pin, email missing

We have setup cloudflare acces using one-time pin for a customer to access our application. Any customer with a given (valid) email account can get access, we have set this up in the policy section using the “Email ends with” option.

For some customers they receive the email no problem, another customer is failing to get the authentication token emails. We are now trying to debug this issue, but with limited information this is hard to do.

Is there a way to view logs around the one-time-pin functionality something which show attempts, fails and errors?

Is there any known issues or limitations with this approach of access through cloudflare?

For failure situations like this, only by contacting support. And they only have a few days of logs, so ask within 24 hours or so if you can.

You have essentially no visibility into what is happening. I would not use One Time Pin for customer facing applications given that limitation, as it makes it difficult for you to support. Did they mistype their email, did their email server reject the email, was it sent but they detected it as spam, have they deliberately opted-out of emails from Cloudflare etc.

Something like Auth0 might be more suitable.

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Something like Auth0 might be more suitable.

Completely agree, yet again prototype code hitting production :grimacing:

Thanks for your comment much appreciated.