Diagnosing Applications Incompatible With Teams

Since switching from regular WARP to the Teams 6.7 (1994) on a Pixel 4a (Android 11), I have found a growing number of applications that would not connect (typically connection/sign-in errors) or work properly unless Teams was paused. I noticed today that Google Assistant was failing with “Can’t reach Google at the moment.” on both cell Internet and home WiFi. I was able to reproduce this problem on a Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 9). I was able to bypass the problem by adding the Google app to the exclude list.

I can understand that some applications may not work properly over a VPN, but the applications worked fine on WARP. So far I have not found any posts related to Google Assistant, which suggests I may have misconfigured Cloudflare for Teams. How can I go about diagnosing the problem? My access profiles enable access to a private server (10. subnet) over an Argo tunnel. The Cloudflare for Teams Access logs show no errors. Nothing pops out in the DNS and Console logs, and I have not been able to display the Boringtun logs.

Thanks, Norbert

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Hi @nhoeller,

If nothing is obvious from the logs, you will probably need to submit a report to the team to look into it using the :wbug: icon in the app.

@domjh, the list of applications I need to exclude is growing with a few still not working properly so long as Teams enabled. I am going to strip down my Teams configuration to the bare minimum and see if that resolves the problem before I open a problem report.

Thanks, Norbert