Diagnosing a problem with a website on WP

Hello, I am asking for help in diagnosing a problem with a website on WP. I have a problem that the added entries on the page are visible only from the view of the logged in person (posts are invisible after logging out). In addition, the entire appearance of the page differs in the logged-in version and from the user level. After adding a new entry, the page looks correct. I assume it’s about memory (cache). We have Cloudflare implemented on the website but currently all cache services have been disabled. I have no errors on the server side, all plugins are disabled, additionally all WP and plugins have been updated. I have a question: how to clear all cache and hold it on Cloudflare without having to unpin from Cloudflare?

Please provide the domain name in question so we can run some tests for you.

If you’re unable to provide your domain name, please check the HTTP response header when you open the page. That should give you a lot of info about what may be caching the page.

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