DFS file share connectivity and Cloudflare tunnel

I’ve been testing using Cloudflare Tunnel and WARP to replace our Meraki client VPN and the one thing I cannot get to work right is resolution to the DFS share (\domain.name\namespace\folder).

I can get to the file share directly using a direct IP UNC path without an issue.I have DNS fallback configured for the domain with our on prem primary and secondary DNS servers, but that doesn’t seem to help this issue

I have found that if I launch the WARP client, connect, then go into the WARP connection properties → TCP/IPV4 → Advanced → DNS then manually add my domain to “DNS Suffix for this connection”, DFS works correctly!

The problem here is that the second you disconnect from WARP, the connection deletes and the settings revert back to stock without the DNS Suffix. Is there a configuration I’m missing to make this a permanent setting?

Oh, when I say “WARP connection properties”, I mean the connection properties in Windows, not the client itself.

If you are utilizing Cloudflare’s Zero trust / One / Teams you can configure that at at org level.

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I’m going to assume this is not possible with the free tier of Zero Trust?