DEX tests run with no results returned

Hi there,

I’ve added a website to Cloudflare and setup some Cloudflare Tunnels from various web application servers to subdomains of that domain. I’ve setup other web application servers with a DNS A record as subdomains. Those subdomains all resolve publicly. I haven’t set any of them up as applications in the Zero Trust > Access > Applications dashboard.

When I try to run a DEX HTTP or traceroute test to any of those subdomains, I get a result like this even after a day:


Conversely, if I add a DEX HTTP test to any random website/Cloudflare Worker Page site, I get a result with times in ms for each field (sorry I can’t add more than one image to show it).

Is there any reason the tests don’t seem to run for these subdomains?

Also, the documentation for Cloudflare DEX states I can add ten tests on a free account, but the dashboard only lets me add five. The test name field accepts up to 350 characters, but I get an error if I try to add more than 50.