Device Posture: Serial Number List HELP!

I have problems granting applications using device serial number. cloudflare-docs/ at production · cloudflare/cloudflare-docs · GitHub

From the tutorial, it is unknown where to get the device serial number, the guide says “Input the serial numbers of the devices your team manages, or upload your CSV file.”, I have tried using the cloudflare WARP device id, it doesnt seem to work once i deployed the rule to my application. Any help is appreciated!

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I’ve not heard of that, but maybe @SamRhea or @kkrum know how to get it to work.

The serial number will come from the device itself (for example, in macOS → About This Mac).

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On Windows this is from the bios. Same serial number you’ll get from the powershell Get-CimInstance Win32_Bios command.

I am going to go file a ticket on myself to add this info to the documentation as well.

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