Device posture check info is empty on WARP client

I’m trying to set up the device posture check using application process checking.
When I check the WARP client, there is nothing showing up in the advanced → device posture.
Did I miss anything?

I’m having the same problem. I have configured device posture checks for Gateway but on my client the list is empty. The list is also empty on the CF dashboard.

I’m running the latest client (on latest version of MacOS).

Having also this issue here.

I enrolled WARP client on a Windows and Android device. Both were connected to Zero Trust with an allowed user (device enrollment permission)

Under “My team → devices” the devices appear as aspected. In the “view” page on each device, I see all checks are failed under “WARP client posture checks”.

In each posture check this error message appears:
“Errors from check
Rule was not checked”

Any ideas how to solve this?

(added screenshot of error message)

This solved my problem: deleted all WARP posture checks and recreated them.