"Device Information Only" mode


I was searching a way to override the WARP DNS for all requests when I’m connected to my home network while maintaining access to my services via the tunnels and their public URLs and I found in the Cloudflare docs (https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-devices/warp/configure-warp/warp-modes/) that you can setup the WARP client as “Device Information Only” which should do exactly what I want. But this option is nowhere to be seen in the policies I can set in the Cloudflare Zero-Trust WARP settings console, I only got “Gateway with WARP”, “Gateway with DoH” and “Proxy mode”.

Is this “Device Information Only” mode only available for paid customers ?

Have you configured the “Service Mode”?

If I’m not wrong, it’s indeed in this « service mode » that I should find the mode « device information only » along with all the others modes :

  • gateway with WARP
  • gateway with DoH
  • proxy mode

And it’s in this screen that I do not have the mode I’d like to use : device information only.

I thought that maybe on the default policy is was not available, so I created another policy just to try and even there it’s not available. And it’s not even grey out, it’s just not written at all.

Here’s a screen capture of my available modes

I’m seeing the same thing, did you find an answer for this?

Hi ! Nope, I’m still forced to use the WARP DNS in home because of this…