Device Enrollment Sessions?


I’m having problem with Cloudflare for Teams. I have setup Device enrollment rules so users can register their laptops and use the Warp client. However the documentation mentions you can set a ‘Session duration’ when creating the rule.
See Doc extract below

Cloudflare for Teams allows you to establish which users in your organization can enroll new devices or revoke access to connected devices. To do that, you can create a device enrollment rule on the Teams Dashboard:

1. Navigate to Settings > Devices .
2. In the Device enrollment permissions card, click Manage .
3. In the rule builder, configure one or more rules to define who can enroll or revoke devices.
4. Set a session duration. Once the session expires, users will be asked to log in when attempting to connect a device.
5. Click Save .

This option does not appear in our portal? Has anyone else seen this issue?



Hi Mark!

We are sorry for the confusion this has caused! :slight_smile:

We did have the session duration field that showed up while creating Device Enrolment policies but that option did not work well and wasn’t intended to show-up then during creation of device enrolment policies, hence it was removed/cleaned up from the UI and now you are not seeing that.
Having said that, we are coming up with session management for Warp login/ device enrolment in few weeks time and you will see the option poping up again in the rule builder.

Hi Sheril

Any update on when session management will be re-enable?



Hi Mark,

Session management for Warp would be available by mid of Q1 2022

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