Device enrollment not working

I have been following is it not working.

I hit this bug but I do not fully understand what the fix is. Whenever I run my cmd, it always pops up with a browser for user enrollment, but I need device enrollment so the user can login via AD.

My cmd looks like this:-

msiexec.exe /i Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64.msi /qn ORGANIZATION="company" ONBOARDING="false" SERVICE_MODE="warp” AUTH_CLIENT_ID="rqwtqwetqwtqwqwetqwrtqwrtqrwt.access" AUTH_CLIENT_SECRECT="rqwtqwetqwtqwqwetqwrtqwrtqrwt" SUPPORT_URL=""

My mdm.xml in c:\programdata\cloudflare looks like:-


What am I doing wrong? What can I check?

Your mdm.xml file looks wrong according to this [Cloudflare page]


I also do not think you need both the parameters on the command line and the mdm.xml file, it is either or, not both.
Hope that points you in the right direction

Hi user4310,

Managed to get it working, it was silently failing due to running out of a la carte licenses.