Development Mode not working

I am troubleshooting a serious issue on my site. As part of that I am trying to force CloudFlare into development mode, to bypass it’s cache.

It was my recollection that doing so would mean that resources are pulled directly from my server, while Development Mode is enabled. Further, I was under the impressions that the response header for Server would NOT be CloudFlare. However, I am seeing just that i.e. in Development Mode the response header still has Server = CloudFlare and I am indeed seeing old (cached) content.

Are my assumptions correct? How can I completely bypass CloudFlare cache while I am troubleshooting my site?

PS : I have no relevant page rules at play here.

Dev mode only bypasses optimization. Not the proxy service. If you want a direct connection, try Pause Cloudflare from the overview page lower right corner.


Wow - you, sir, are a star! I have no idea how I wasn’t aware of that. I have used CloudFlare for a long time and, in the past, have always (seemed to) use Development Mode as a way to ensure my pages are being retrieved from my server. I can’t recall the last time that didn’t appear to work for me :slight_smile:

So while I am still slightly confused why this is the first time I have been seeing this issue (Development Mode not working as expected), it did resolved the problem and I really appreciate it!

By the way, presumably to properly resolve this I will need to a) clear my cache and b) THEN turn CloudFlare back on yes? I had previously cleared (CloudFlare) cache for the home page but CloudFlare was still serving the old version, which remains confusing.

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@sdayman I am afraid I am still confused by this, having done a little more research (this is an essential topic for me to understand, hence my desire to learn more about this). I wonder if you can put me out of my confusion.

Development Mode has (rightly or wrongly) always been the way I bypassed CloudFlare when I wanted to check updated content. I have never had an issue with that (and the response headers always seem to indicate my server was serving content when it was enabled), so this specific incident took me by surprise.

In looking at CloudFlare documentation for Development Mode I see the following…

" Development Mode temporarily suspends Cloudflare’s edge caching, minification, polish, and railgun features for 3 hours unless disabled beforehand. Development Mode allows customers to immediately observe changes to their cacheable content (like images, CSS, or JavaScript)."

That would appear to be what I want (I was, in fact, troubleshooting an issue with unexpected css).

Please understand I am not suggesting you are wrong here (and pausing CloudFlare does seem to resolve this issue) but that last paragraph seems to suggest that Development Mode is intended for precisely what I needed and would ensure content is pulled from my server, no?

Can you please clarify what I am missing here?

Thank you.

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