Development mode for subdomains

Hi, could development mode please be extended to allow for you to only affect certain subdomains?

An example for it’s use could be enabling development mode on a test/staging subdomain while not having to enable it for the rest of the domain.


Dev Mode is a quick switch for your entire zone. It doesn’t look at subdomains. You can use a Page Rule to bypass cache for a subdomain and turn it on and off as needed.

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Yeah, I’m aware of that, my feedback was a request to possibly make it look at subdomains.

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That is a good idea! One option, even though it’s not exactly the same, would be a page rule bypassing cache and disabling everything. The nuclear option would be disabling the proxy, but that would expose the origin.

Yeah I was using a page rule before I suggested this, but I dropped said page rule because the free plan only gets 3 page rules and I might need the page rule for something else, plus I hadn’t used said sub-domain for a bit now. Yeah, tho I might be able to get away with it, since the origin for the subdomain is a github pages site. I guess cloudflare could also solve this by making it so non-enterprise users can purge by hostname, but thats kinda nuclear too.

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