Development Mode and Clear Cache not working

I’ve put my site in Development Mode and I’ve cleared the cache.

I just ran the Cloudflare diagnostics and everything seems fine.

If I go to Developer Tools > Network and look at the Headers for some pages on my site, I see:
server: cloudflare
x-cache: cached
x-cache-hits: 1

Am I misunderstanding something, or is Development Mode not doing what I think it should be doing?

I’m trying to diagnose an issue with some stale CSS that seems to be in the cache.

Thanks in advance!

The x-cache header is coming from your server. Cloudflare’s cache header is cf-cache-status

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Thanks - I’m a bit out of my element here, but doesn’t “x-cache: cached” indicate that the file was retrieved from a cache? If so, where? I have cloudflare in Development Mode, and I have disabled the Varnish cache on my Nginx server.

I am currently running WP Rocket - does the “x-cache: cached” indicate that the file is being served from the WP Rocket cache on my server?

Quite possibly, but it’s definitely not Cloudflare’s cache.

I turned off Development Mode on Cloudflare, waited a while, loaded a page on my site, and the Headers say:
server: cloudflare (like before)
x-cache: cached

So based on the prior discussion, this is NOT being cached on Cloudflare?

One more data point. My staging site, which definitely does not go through Cloudflare, shows the following headers:
server: nginx
x-cache: uncached

This is in contrast to the live site’s headers when in Development Mode:
server: cloudflare
x-cache: cached

As far as I can tell, my staging site does not seem to be exhibiting the problems that my live site is, so it really does feel like the live site is fetching some problematic cached files.

I’ve re-enabled CloudFlare and I now see the following headers:
server: cloudflare
x-cache: cached

I am not seeing x-cache: cf-cache-status as suggested in the second note in this thread.

In any case, I turned off and cleared the Varnish and Cloudflare caches, re-enabled WP Rocket’s JavaScript optimizations, rebuilt the critical CSS and used CSS, cleared the WP Rocket cache, and turned Varnish and Cloudflare back on. Initially, it seemed like the problem had corrected itself. However, I just checked a few dozen pages and came across the issue with full-width images on two pages.

Back to the drawing board.

Hi, please check this:

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Security headers originate from the server and are part of the security configuration, Cloudflare adds others as appropriate. As for the content cache, it depends on the headers, defined as public and the settings that you define in the Cloudflare dashboard. From my side, I recommend that you finish configuring the missing headers in the attached report, thank you.