Developing websites for clients with workers?

I want to use Workers as the serverless backend for websites which I build for my clients. I am not sure, which model/solution would be appropriate for this use case. Most of the plans seem to focus on a single business (with varying “size”)
I want to be the person setting up and managing the pages, adding custom domains etc.
I need to be able to measure the costs per website/client.
Billing the costs per page to the clients directly would be nice, but not a must-have.

Should/can I just create multiple Cloudflare accounts, so that each client’s website is handled separately?

Can I combine some of the clients in one account and profit from the economy of scale?

Would this be a case for the CF partner program?

I am just starting out, so I guess I would not meet the MRR requirements for a partner. So what other model/setup can I use?

Hi @krzysiowefoty,

You may want to approach Sales/Partners directly as we cannot provide an official answer here as we are not Cloudflare staff.

Personally, I would always recommend having a separate account for each client, generally with them having Super Admin and directly paying Cloudflare for the services used, then your account added as an Admin to do the dev work.

Thanks! Yes I will contact sales but I was wondering if anyone has already some personal experience/doing something similar.

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