Developer mode does not work

My traffic is still route through cloudflare no matter my domain is under developer mode or I have paused cloudflare even I have bypass proxy in DNS. Why?

Developer mode does not change anything about the proxies, it only disables the cache.

Pausing Cloudflare should resolve straight to your server however. Are you sure you waited long enough? DNS propagation can sometimes be rather tricky.


Great. Thanks. I just wait enough.

By now it should have actually propagated. What’s the domain? I just needed to test 100 MB upload limit.

What exactly would you like to test?

As for proxying, that domain is currently proxied and goes through Cloudflare. Is it paused right now?

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Kontrolid is a form automation software. One customer asked about the chance to upload a video with more than 100 Mb in size they had not been able due to clodflare constraint. So we needed to bypass CF for a while and let them do it. It works!

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All right, great.

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