Developer lost CloudFlare account

We are a small agency and have just built a new site for our client, they have a website that has DNS configured through Cloudflare and we need to make some changes and ideally transfer this domain to our account. However, the developer of the old site has claimed he has no login to Cloudflare and so no one seems to be able to access the account. I really don’t want to loose the email and any other DNS they might have set up. Is this going to be possible?


Only the account holder, or someone they add a role to it, can get to the account.

The old developer or your client can try these recovery methods for the account…

If none work, then you’ll need to take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at the domain registrar to those for a new Cloudflare account or another DNS provider. You’ll need to find out the details for the web host and any other DNS settings from the client’s records or public data.

If the domain is registered with Cloudflare Registrar then the domain belongs to the account owner so that person would need to work with Cloudflare support to recover that.


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