Developer left us

Good day, we are asking if theres a way that we can retrieve the account here. Our old developer did’nt endorse the account to us then left and not giving update to us anymore. What we only retrieve right now is our Domain provider account.

Thank you.

If you don’t own the email of the original account, you will need to re-sign up for Cloudflare and re-add the domain to your new account. You will also need to re-enter the DNS records for your server, instructions for setting up DNS can be gotten from your current website host.

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Hi thank you for the response.
Question, how about our existing nameserver can we still use that one?


Sign up for a new account. You will be provided with a pair of nameservers and change your current servers to the new pair at your registrar. Be aware that all settings will be lost and you need to configure your site from scratch.

If your dev used a company mail i’d recommend trying to gain access to this mailbox or forward the emails.

Btw, no need to redact the nameservers. They are public.


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