Developer ghosted, can't access to transfer DNS

I’m very sorry if this isn’t the correct place/method to ask for help. I don’t really know where to turn. When trying to search for an answer, I never found anything like my problem.

I had an existing website and had a developer add another piece of the site. When he built that part, he moved everything to CF. Now he’s ghosted us. I don’t think he’s dead, but calls go strait to VM, emails and texts just stay marked as delivered.

I’ve got another developer on hand to help us transfer everything to our own CF account, but we don’t have access to the old developer’s account to allow the transfer.

TIA for any advice.

Hi @alan13,

You don’t need access to the old Cloudflare account to transfer the domain to your own, you just need access to the domain registrar to change the nameservers to those on the new account.

You will need to reconfigure the domain on Cloudflare, though. The settings won’t transfer across.


Is there a way to know the configuration on the old developer’s CF or do I not even need to know that?

Sorry if this is elementary. This is mostly Greek to me.

Thanks again for your help.

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