Developer/Designer access


Recently, one of my designers who is uploading pages and doing back-end posting/uploading is getting blocked. I have added her IP address in Firewall rules to ‘Allow’ and also tried ‘Bypass WAF’.

Is there one global IP whitelist setting that I am missing?

I’m pretty frustrated at this point. Can you help?

Thanks ~ Ken

Maybe you need to wait some time after you modified your rules.
Adding the IP to IP Access Rules or Firewall Rules could take up few minutes to apply the changes.

May I ask what error do they see?
Only at a specific webpage URL or any URL address of the domain they are trying to access?

It depends on what’s blocking access. You’d have to check your Firewall Events Log to see.

OK, I’ll look for this. Thanks

I guess there is no complete ‘whitelist’ by IP?