Developer asks me to change nameservers

Hello everybody,

I hired a developer who made a website for me hosted on cafe24. He is asking me to change my nameservers if I want to see it on my domain name

I thought I could just change DNS settings but he is saying I have to change nameservers…
Is it normal he is asking me to do so? And if yes how could I do so, please?

If he is trying to onboard your domain to Cloudflare then yes you need to change nameservers, unless the developer is subscribing to Cloudflare Business plan or higher - which does not require to change nameservers.

My domain is already on Cloudflare. He wants me to change CF nameservers to the nameservers from his hosting provider.

That shouldn’t be necessary. You should just be able to point an A record to the server hosting the site unless he is using a really janky service to ‘build’ your website.

We can see it on Cloudflare Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

bit dodgy if you ask me to point it to his hosting.

Yes that is what I was trying to do and it didn’t work properly. And he told me that the only way was to change the nameservers to

It’s for Korean audience and apparently, cafe24 is the one to go…

sorry what can you see? I am a noob…

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