Dev site on existing 3 server config

Hi…I have a load balanced 3 server configuration (2 web servers with synked files and 1 DB server) for a flash sale site that brings in a lot of traffic every 3 weeks. I am working on a new site and want to set it on the load balanced system I already have set up. Can I do that? a subdomain of is set up on the same server on web 1…I can not access this online and it is because I need to add a record to CF but do I just add an A record for dev? or do I need a LB, WWW, and TXT record?

I will need to do load testing so I want to do it on the same system…one thing I can do if this will not work is set up a new domain on the servers and have a totally separate CF account set up…this might be helpful as well because as a subdomain “dev” is on the root of /public_html/ of the main site.

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