.dev, .app, .page, .in Domain Support?

Is Cloudflare Actively working on supporting these domains or not?

Yes adding support for .in domain will be great!


You’re not going to get an official answer. Just a general one that Cloudflare is trying to add all TLDs.

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I would like priority to be placed on the most widely used and useful 2-letter TLDs, such as .ca. .cc, and .me, followed by codes for the most security-and-privacy-supportive countries, such as .ch, .is, .se, etc. I also see value in supporting country codes with large numbers of domains, such as .us, .uk, .de, .fr, .jp, .kr, and so on. It would be helpful for Cloudflare to be more specific about their priorities, rather than simply saying “all TLDs” or lumping all country codes into a single category. Tasks that are given priority can be accomplished; tasks with no defined priority will inevitably be delayed forever. Please, Cloudflare, give us something more specific to be hopeful about.

I hope your top priority is getting an official answer for this. :wink:


I suspect they are trying to complete all the needed integrations with a large batch of heavily used TLDs, and then launch them as a single group.

If you go searching you will possibly find that they are already a registrar for various TLDs (they are on the .uk accredited list for example). You might have to do a bit of legwork to find out who they are already accredited with!


michael, let’s hope you are right. I hope there are an enough people to keep this thread going, so it doesn’t go stale and get closed automatically. Let everyone say what their top priority TLDs are, so Cloudflare can see that this is an important issue to their customer base. I do know that .ca has not been approved, and I can’t even find out whether they have applied or not. It’s encouraging to know that .uk has been appproved.

For me I would like to see .co, .fm, .vc, .uk, .au and .nz.

I do also have .dev and .app, but I personally have them registered with Google Domains and have no issues keeping them there. Although that may change in the future.

What I would rather not see happen is what happened with the pricing for .io - for which Cloudflare are very middle book at $45, but I am still very happy that you do not get slugged on the transfer like some of the cheaper registrars do.

At the end of the day, you pay for what you get and I am very happy with the service.