Detecting Windows 11 using User Agent Client Hints?

Currently, for reporting services like Google Analytics or, Windows 11 numbers aren’t broken out, because Microsoft has chosen not to report Windows 11 in User Agent strings, only in User Agent Client Hints “User-Agent strings won’t be updated to differentiate between Windows 11 and Windows 10.”
I am looking for a way to capture visits from Windows 11 devices to our website, in order to get some idea of W11 usage share, to our site at least. Can this be done using Cloudflare / Workers?
This page from “image Engine” references Cloudflare / Cloudflare Workers, but talks about connecting it to the Image Engine product (in order to serve optimized images based on Client Hints info).
I’m interested in creating a (hopefully simple) way to track Windows 11 visits to our site, with some sort of UI to report the visits. Can this be done via Cloudflare?