Destroyed my Website with Cloudflare

So I added the new name servers to my website. But it destroyed the website somehow. It’s probably the fault of my hoster, but I really don’t know what they messed up. My settings for subdomains etc where messed up and instead of showing my website, it showed the default “this domain has been bought” site of my hoster. Really weird. I want to use Cloudflare, but I don’t want to break everything again.

My hoster is “1Blu”, a German hoster, that’s not really big

The problem is probably the chosen SSL mode.

Is your site generally reachable via HTTPS? Whats the domain?

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I could activate Let’s Encrypt in the settings, so every subdomain and the domain is using SSL. The domain is

Could the problem be, that I should remove SSL, activate Cloudflare and re-add SSL? I’ve just added the nameservers, that’s all I’ve done

Did you already sign up for Cloudflare? Cloudflare does not seem to know about your domain. Or did you sign up via your webhost?

Generally your site is reachable via HTTPS, so that shouldnt have been the problem.

I removed everything from Cloudflare as far as I know, trying to get my website back :stuck_out_tongue: I can test it again, maybe this time it works. Don’t have any experience with Cloudflare ^^

If you require any assistance you need to move back to Cloudflare. Only then we can debug any potential issues.

I signed up via Cloudflare, but the only thing I knew and did was adding the nameservers

Are you sure? Cloudflare does not know your domain. Did you remove your domain again?

I did. Changed the Nameservers, that’s all I’ve got to do right? Now I have to wait, I hope it doesn’t destroy it again :smiley: but now I have support, that’s helping :smiley: thanks btw ^^

Well, your nameservers seem to be set (whois-wise) and now only need to propagate.

Cloudflare seems to have your records set up, however they are not proxied yet. Based on that it should definitely work as it will still go straight for your server. Do you want to have them proxied through Cloudflare or direct?

I want the ddos protection etc from Cloudflare, so I have to use their DNS, right? Im now waiting for Cloudflare to recheck the nameservers

Seems to work, it says active and for me the website works. I’m trying to add the nameservers to all subdomains now, I think I need to change it in every subdomain.

It has propagated, you have set it to proxy, and it seems to work.

Great. Thanks for your help! :+1:

Well, worked at first, but now its broke. I dont know what happens, can you help me? It shows the default webpage of the hoster, my webspace is the same. Nothing has been changed, what should i do?

Did you change anything on the Cloudflare side?

The problem is your server does not serve your site on HTTPS any longer. Thats something you need to talk about with your host.

No, didnt do anything. Someone told me that the public DNSs have to clear their caches/reload in order to show my website. Looks like i just have to wait, right?

I am afraid no, the issue is as just mentioned above.

Oh, that have i done. Just to see if it works then, looks like it does, without HTTPS