Destination Unknown Error

I’ve been using Cloudflare name servers for about 3 months now, and I used to have a godaddy domain. But I’ve been receiving the Destination Unknown error page sometimes when I click on my website and/or I’m navigating through my site. It doesn’t happen all the time, though, and sometimes it goes away once you refresh the page once or more. Because of this I transferred my domain to Cloudflare today, but it still seems to be happening. Could someone help me troubleshoot this weird server behavior?

Can you post a screenshot of that error and what’s the domain?

Oh I’m so sorry, the domain is

The domain seems to be properly set up.

It’s so strange because it was working on my laptop just now but when I accessed it from my phone (iPhone XS, safari) it just gave me this error.

It happened again just now…

That error is not from your domain though, but from that address shortener. Your server appears to send a redirect to that address and you’d need to check why you end up there.

Do you happen to know how to check that? If you do, could you tell me please? I’m relatively new to this.

It could be either a page rule in your Cloudflare account or something on your server.

I currently don’t have anything set up in my page rules. Is there something I can add to make sure these redirects don’t occur again?

That is a server-side issue. You need to check where on your server you send that redirect and remove it if it shouldnt be there.

Could it possibly be an issue that my site’s published at on my github page while using the name servers on Cloudflare? I used Cloudflare because I couldn’t get HTTPS on github.

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