Despite ARGO tunnel: Ping returns public IP of the router

Hi everyone,

I use a single Cloudflare Tunnel (Cloudflared Docker container) with my unRAID server. To set everything up I followed the guide of IBRACORP (

Furthermore, I use three domains (, and

If I now ping each of these domains, I receive a response from the public IP of my router for two of the three domains. Two of the three domains are hosted by Cloudflare (one reflects routers public IP). The third one is hosted by a different registrar (also reflects the public IP of my router).

All of the three domains are within my Cloudflare account and each has a DNS CNAME record like:

Name: Content:
domain.tld (which corresponds to the corresponding domain)

What went wrong with two of the three domains that a ping exposes the public IP of my router?