Design company out of business

We have a client that had their design company (who uses Cloudflare DNS) go out of business. The client has no access to the DNS records of the Design company. How ca we get any records that are part of their domain so we can import them onto our hosting service. Hopefully before the Cloudflare account for the Design company gets removed by Cloudflare.


I am sorry to hear that. However, your case isn’t the first it happens :frowning:

Nevertheless, just to add a note, we should always consider having a backup account added as a sub-member to have the access or consider any other kind of security/backup option nowadays.

May I ask if you have got the access to the domain registrar?
You can change domain nameservers and re-configure DNS records if you’d know who is the hosting provider for your website/domain.

Maybe with some online tool to lookup the history of the DNS records for that particular domain :thinking:

It shouldn’t, except if there are some overdue unpaid invoices :thinking:

Otherwise, despite I don’t guarantee success, however if you could prove some kind of the ownership of the domain name, maybe Cloudflare could help you somehow via Cloudflare Support :thinking:


Ah, that DNS-trails tool works perfect. Exactly what we were looking for. No extra records that can be seen as we thought, but never know if there was an extra server in there.

Thanks for your help!


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