Deprecation Argo Tunnel

Hi there

We have some general questions regarding the upcoming Cloudflare Cloudflare Tunnel deprecation on the 4th of February 2024.

Does anyone have some info on the following points?

  1. What happens with all the existing Argo Tunnels that have been created with the legacy API? Will they continue to work or will they just stop working after the 4th of February?

  2. We identified that Argo Tunnels have been migrated to the new Cloudflare Tunnel API with a "remote_config": false. We wonder, if the Argo Tunnels still work with the local JSON config as the new Cloudflare Tunnles require a YAML config?

  3. What happens with Tunnels that are actively using the local config (in json format) and have open Connections, will they be stopped?

Thanks for your insights!