Deprecating Auto Minify

Hi Community –

As some of you have noticed, Cloudflare plans to deprecate the Auto Minify feature on August 5th, 2024. I’m linking this post to an email communication that is about to be sent out. The reasons why we plan to remove the feature are manifold but boil down to the fact that it’s a performance feature used for the purpose of reducing page weight and it is not as efficient at doing this as other projects Cloudflare’s working on, like improving compression.

Please ask questions here and I’ll try to respond or have someone from the team look into it. If there are areas that members of the community can help with, please do so, after all that’s what this channel is for :slight_smile: .


It’s sad to see such an age old feature goes away but I guess if during your testing you have seen that CSS & JS minification (the balanced type done by Cloudflare) is not making much impact then surely this does make sense.

For HTML, 100% not only I have seen it increasing the latency a bit but also causing issues in many cases where site uses custom template tags and things like that.

So, I’m sad to say goodbye to an old friend :frowning: but at the same time exited to see the new things rising up from the horizon. :slight_smile:


thanks for understanding @saumya


I’m very angry it’s being removed. It was my favorite feature. I used it extensively

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it should be there whether we use it or not