Deprecated - Why does my site return a US IP address?

This tutorial is deprecated in favour of General FAQ · Cloudflare DNS docs


If your site is proxied through Cloudflare, then a lookup on your domain will return one of their IP addresses.

The Cloudflare IP will likely show as being in the US, however, this does not mean your traffic will be routed to the US. Cloudflare utilises an anycast network so your traffic will likely go to a server nearer to you (depending on your ISP’s peering).

You can determine which Cloudflare data center your requests are going to by adding /cdn-cgi/trace to the domain name. E.g. go to in your browser (replacing with your domain name. You will then see colo=ABC with ABC being the airport code of the nearest major international airport to the data center.

You can learn more about Anycast networks in the Cloudflare Learning Centre.

Tutorial Reference: CT-40

Reviewed: 08/21

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