Deprecated - Redirect to

This tutorial is deprecated in favour of Single Redirects — Example rules · Cloudflare Rules docs


This tutorial covers redirecting to when using Cloudflare, to do the opposite, please see Deprecated - Redirect to

You should replace all instances of in the screenshots with your domain.

Step 1, The DNS Record:
The first thing you will need is a DNS record for www, set to :orange:. This can point to any IP address as the redirection page rule will execute first. I would recommend pointing it to, a dummy IP.

Step 2, The Page Rule:
The second step is the page rule that will perform the redirect. You should add one like this:

The * means it will forward all pages and the $1 will keep the path, i.e. if you typed in, you would be redirected to

Note about redirect types: This tutorial shows a 302 Temporary Redirect, I would recommend starting with this and checking it functions as required. Then if you intend to keep the new location permananely, switch to a 301 Permanent redirect.

Introduction to redirecting with page rules video

Tutorial Reference: CT-28

Reviewed: 08/21

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