Deprecated - Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative)

This tutorial is deprecated in favour of Troubleshooting zone setups - Nameservers · Cloudflare DNS docs

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The issue:

This is common to European registries, the registry tries to validate the nameservers you are adding. This is most likely caused by the domain previously being active in another Cloudflare account with different nameservers. They therefore believe that the wrong nameservers are responding so prevent you from adding the new nameservers.

What to do about it?
Option 1: Wait! Cloudflare should automatically purge the zone if the nameservers are not changed to point there. This can take a while!

Option 2: Contact your registrar and request that they forcibly change the nameservers for you.

Option 3: Contact Cloudflare Support and ask them to purge the zone. You will probably have to prove ownership of the domain. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

Further reading:
DENIC: Inconsistent set of NS RRs - #7 by garret

Tutorial Reference: CT-43

Reviewed: 08/21

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