Deprecated - Adding Verification Records

This tutorial is deprecated in favour of Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs


This tutorial covers adding DNS records to verify your domain with various services.

DNS at Cloudflare

If your domain uses Cloudflare for DNS, all records required will need to be added here. This is done in the DNS section of your dashboard, log in to Cloudflare and choose the DNS app or click the icon below to be redirected there.


This is the domain/subdomain that you want the record to be added for. Sometimes a provider will give you a subdomain like _verification.yourdomain.tld, but generally if they do not specify the hostname that the record should be on, it should be on the domain/subdomain hosting the service.


There are two common record types used for verification, TXT and CNAME.

TXT records - these contain plain text as the content and you will often be given a string to use to verify your domain, something like:

CNAME records - these point to a hostname at your provider, often something like:
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you add a CNAME record in Cloudflare, by default it will be set to proxied (orange), this means that it will return A records pointing to Cloudflare IPs, rather than the desired CNAME. If a provider needs to validate the CNAME, you must change it from proxied (:orange:) to unproxied (:grey:).

Adding the records

In the DNS section of your dashboard, you will see the image button. When you click this, you will be able to select the type of record you want to add and paste the required values in.

Example TXT

Instruction from provider:

Add a TXT record for your domain with the content:

In Cloudflare, we add:

Example CNAME

Instruction from provider:

Add a CNAME record for the subdomain service.yourdomain.tld
Pointing to yourdomain.serviceprovider.tld

In Cloudflare, we add:

Tutorial Reference: CT-48

Reviewed: 07/21

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