Deployment successful, but deployment url returns 404

My react app is pushed to gitub and built by cloudflare. The build proccess is sucessful, but the page returns 404: Page can’t be found

I have 1 other page up using the same setup and it works perfect.

These are the links of the page that doesn’t work:

Deployment logs:
Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 02.45.13

Looks like you didn’t set your output directory correctly - Dohyō Interface

[EDIT] What are some common approaches to handle this issue?
Im a bit clueless, because i haven’t added any kind of extra configurations or settings.
It worked perfect on localhost, then i pushed the repo, added cloudflare app to repo, and told cloudflare to build using plain “npm run build”

You just need to set your output directory to build since that is the folder which CRA builds to -


Works now. Thank you!

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