Deployment of Fails with No Log

I’m deploying a site using wrangler. The upload passes, and I see the deployment on the dashboard. However, the status is ‘failed’. How can I debug what caused the failure?

This usually means your functions failed to deploy. Do they run locally? Possibility one of the bindings is missing/misconfigured?

If you can’t figure it out, the Pages Team could manually grab the logs for you as well, if you can give the failed Deployment ID. It’s in the URL when you are looking at deployment details, for example you’ll see something like:<account-id>/pages/view/<your-pages-project-name>/aaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaa/files. That hyphen separated ID at the end is what they need to find the failed deployment.

These were running w/o issue locally. I ended up creating a new page and connecting it to the git repository. With the repo, it shows the build log which then showed the worker function was too large to be deployed. Would be great if the deployment log were available even if it’s a local build.

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Happy to hear you figured it out.

It would indeed be nice, there’s an open issue for it: 🐛 BUG: wrangler logs success for pages deploy even with Functions failures · Issue #3966 · cloudflare/workers-sdk · GitHub

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