Deployment of CF pages large file

I have a Git which gets pushed to CF pages.

I have added a 40 mByte file to my Git root.

On git sync from Cf pages, I now got the error that fileslarger than 25 mB are not supoorted.

I deleted the file and multiple times pushed code to CF

After few hours I am still gettign the same error about the file

Error: Asset “/opt/buildhome/repo/qprox_web.rar” is over the 25MB limit. Size: 42193111 bytes

Unfortunatly I cannot find this file anywhere in my dir to delete it.

Can anybody please help me

Is your repo public? If so then you share a link?

As stated in Limits page on Cloudflare docs, “The maximum file size for a single Cloudflare Pages site asset is 25MB.”

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