Deployment error

i was trying to update my site and got this error

now i have everything correct, is this an error with cloudflare backend?

my pages url is:

and my dir is: GitHub - strawbs1989/coolvibes-reloaded

but i keep getting a red error showing up at bottom about API

Hi @jayaubs89

In most cases this is due to an OOM (Out of memory) that has occurred.

One fix that has worked in the past for other customers is the following environment variable:


Value: --max-old-space-size=2048

what am i to do with name and value?

There are many threads about NODE_OPTIONS. Maybe one of them will help you:

is that all you can tell me to do, i’v spent all lastnight googling the problem
but can’t find anything? i’m trying to update my site everything works correctly
but get to the build part gives an error

14:55:32.708 Cloning repository…
14:55:35.497 From GitHub - strawbs1989/CoolvibesR
14:55:35.498 * branch 0f5794261b918e232d87f46a16fc47d5af0f7557 → FETCH_HEAD
14:55:36.274 HEAD is now at 0f57942 test
14:55:36.364 Using v2 root directory strategy
14:55:36.393 Success: Finished cloning repository files
14:55:38.038 Checking for configuration in a wrangler.toml configuration file (BETA)
14:55:38.039 Found wrangler.toml file. Reading build configuration…
14:55:38.044 pages_build_output_dir: …/…/…/main
14:55:38.045 Build environment variables:
14:55:38.045 - API_KEY: 1370203d08c8ff9d2f2b5dea27e3f76ecd058
14:55:38.167 Successfully read wrangler.toml file.
14:55:39.027 Failed: an internal error occurred. If this continues, contact support:

what could be going on? can’t anyone help here?