Deploying workers with serverless and environment variables


I’ve successfully deployed my first couple of version of my test JS Worker via the serverless framework. I’m now attempting to integrate with a third party server (send POST with a password) and I’ve set the password in serverless.yml under ‘environment’ . I’ve done this both for ‘functions’ and ‘provider’ without luck.

If I manually cut-n-paste the script into the workers sandbox, and add the environment variables as globals on the first two lines, e.g.

let DEV_URL = “
let PASSWORD = “abc123”

Then the script works as expected.

I’ve deliberately configured my git repo to ignore ‘.passwd.yml’, which contains these variables so that the secrets never get recorded into git.

I need to have my Workers honor and read the serverless environment variables. Has anyone figured out how to do that?



Bah. I’m seeing severe inconsistencies between the JS in my local repo and what gets actually deployed. More than just the webpack mangling. It seems serverless/webpack/CF is caching old versions somewhere (really old versions, like several hours). I’ve tried deleting .serverless/, node_modules/.cache, and dist/ and re-deploying without luck.

Time to remove variables. I found the workers configuration API Cloudflare API Documentation So I’m going with a straight makefile and a shell script. No caching. We’ll see if that removes the inconsistency. Additionally, it’ll allow me to programmatically prepend the secrets as global variables into a “built” JS script to be deployed by the shell script.

[edit] Also note that ‘sls deploy’ a) returns successfully, and b) reports no error messages. All cute green checks. So if the upload has been failing, it sure hasn’t mentioned it.