Deploying to cloudflare

hi cloudflare i’m not sure what is going on here
but i’m ‘MOST DEFIENTLY’ not getting the help needed,

now what is going on?

i’m deploying my website to github successfully
but then get an error for cloudflare

attached is the error

the last commit was 0c6a103

back in 2023 github and cloudlfare were both successfully deploying
but now github successfully deploys and cloudflare don’t?

now could someone please tell me me why

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Hi there,

Have you changed something in the repo, like the name?
Note that Cloudflare pages does not support these types of changes and if you decide to change your repo, the only option is to create a new page project with the new link.

What is the content when you press detail on the right side of the fail?

Take care.